Six Ways Agents Can Capitalize on Technology to Connect With Clients

You may be wondering what the best ways are for you to connect, or reconnect, with your clients. My answer would be plain and simple. Initiate a “drip campaign” that will automatically connect with your past, present or future clients. One of my favourites is the “10-year drip” plan that we advocate, which keeps you in touch with your buyers for, well, 10 years! Of course, going through that process may be a little technical, so if you need my help setting it up, click here for more information.

Other than through a CRM and a drip campaign, there are certainly several great other ways for you to reconnect. Social media, emails and newsletters are just some of those. Here are six tips to help you reach out, gain your clients’ trust and get more business.

1. Email Subject Line is Key

The subject line of your email has defining factor to it. Do you sound like a salesman fishing for information? Or does your subject line reflect professionalism without any hidden agenda? Remember that no matter how great your content is, if you fail to deliver on your subject line – that’s a wasted effort. Your clients wouldn’t even bother reading your email.

2. Don’t Forget to Respond

Potential, past or present clients would most likely know how to connect with you. Social media is a prevalent means of communicating these days, so please make time to check your private messages on all your social platforms. Never ever ignore them or you might get the same cold treatment.

3. Make an Effort to Update Clients

There are probably lots of new things happening in the real estate industry on a daily or weekly basis. Why not start by creating a monthly newsletter that would allow you to update them with new info while at the same time reminding them that you are there to help their friends or loved ones? A key tip here is to have any real estate market information as a secondary element. First, give them value-added content, such as events going on in your city, something about the holidays. If you are stuck for content, check out our custom newsletter service here.

4. Let Others Speak for You

The best validation of how well you have performed would be hearing/seeing comments from people you’ve already worked with. If you’re confident enough that you can make ends meet for just about anyone – consider getting testimonials from them. These are valid proofs that you’re doing what you should be doing.  We use a service called Rank My Agent.  Check it out here.

5. Understand and Meet Your Client’s Needs

It is imperative that you have full understanding about who among your client’s need a certain information at a certain point in time. Say, if they just moved in, you might want to consider sending them information specific to the needs of new homeowners. Or if they are already a long-time client, you may want to ask if they need some renovations done already. Know your client.

6. Keep Reaching Out to Former Clients

Consistent reconnection is an essential key to satisfied clients. Whether it’s for a new show in town or a raffle you are doing, encouraging people to meet up with you again is always a winner. And you should also use social media for that. We have never before been able to know so much about people who we don’t see often. Someone mentions they are having a baby, getting married or landed a big promotion, why not call them or invite them to lunch to celebrate? Easy stuff!

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